Nike Air Max Torch 4 Review 2022: 15 Main Features

If you’re looking for a great running shoe, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 is a great option. It’s a comfortable shoe, lightweight and has a lot of features that make it perfect for runners.

The biggest selling point of the Nike Air Max Torch 4 is its comfort. The shoes have a lot of padding and support, making them ideal for long runs or even just everyday wear. They’re also very light, so you won’t feel weighed down when you’re running.

Another great feature of the Nike Air Max Torch 4 is its durability. The shoes are made with high-quality materials and they’re built to last. You won’t have to worry about them falling apart after a few months of use.


Nike Classic Aesthetic

Most Nike Running Shoes have an elegant, sleek shape, which cinches to your feet to create slender silhouettes. Nevertheless, the Air Max Torch 4 has a more classical appearance reminiscent of earlier Nike designs. Similar to the Nike Air Monarch IV, the Torch Four has a bigger appeal than models like the Flexible 2022RN. The thinner molded outsole and aggressive mesh upper make the shoe appear bulkier. There are a variety of material overlays that are strictly aesthetic. It gives the shoe an interesting yet slightly busy look. One of the best parts about Nike shoes is that they usually come in a wide range of colors. The Air Max Torch 4 is no different , as it is available in multiple colorways for both men and women.


This product comes with its outer shell wrapped for added support and secure fit. It is manufactured using carbon rubber, BRS 1000 and the lining is clear-like or waffle. This improves the adhesion to the surface of a surface to support the wearer and also helps propel runners forward thereby improving performance. People who used it found it can be worn on many surfaces allowing for more versatile footwear. The material of the outsole is also relatively sturdy and is good especially during outdoor runs. Its outsole is very dense, offering good protection to the foot.


These devices are made with phylon midsoles which run through the heel providing durable, flexible support. This midsole is designed with a high air max heel for traction. The midsole curves towards the feet for better support underfoot. Phylon are durable fabrics that are firm but support without damaging the foot arch. The shoe was deemed effective at helping with preventing arch, ankle or leg pain or even improving mobility. The midsole also has an effective reducer effect.


Nike Air Max Torch 4 has layers on layers of material, which doesn’t always sound bad. The upper is crafted from both mesh and synthetic materials which helps the shoe breathe easily and is breathable. The bulk of the upper comprises a mix of mesh with a couple of splashy leather that makes this shoe more durable compared to a normal shoe. The leather on the shoe acts like an umbrella and therefore the shoes are long. It also has a spacious toe box allowing for adequate room for the heel welling as it provides movement while wearing the shoes.


Despite its lack of overall support, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 has an excellent ability of handling different terrains. The rubber sole is durable and can be used anywhere from a trail through the treadmill – and is very useful for its cost. The upper is firm and therefore can withstand all terrains the foot is subject to. This splashguard runs the full length of the boot allowing the Torch 4 to cope with wet surfaces like puddles or other objects, which is great considering the mesh in the upper of these shoes also is included.


Nike Air Max Torch 4 offers good protection considering its materials. The layer design of Nike’s shoes has made the shoe surprisingly stiff so that the user will not have to worry about the danger of causing extensive injury. The running shoes feature several guards strategically placed across their uppers to provide an added layer of protection; these guards can take the form of an arch guard, heel guard and splash guard. Apart from the upper the sole is sturdy considering its materials are all rubber.


The overlay on this product keeps the mesh securely positioned and protects the mesh from wear as you run. It has front-side protection to keep shoes from being “pushed” into areas more often (the name). Its Outsole is constructed from extremely durable BRS1000 Carbon rubber which can withstand all surfaces in all directions. Those wearing this device found they were suitable for many terrain such as streets, where sharper objects such as rocks are often found on the surface.


Designed to provide comfort in a breathable mesh upper with synthetic fabrics. It provides ventilation and securing. This mesh allows the upper of the upper to wrap the feet more effectively as it reduces its strength. The mesh also lets warm air through the shoe and pulls hot air out. Shoes stay warm and dry while running. The people wearing the product reported a cooling dry feeling in their feet. It’s positive. The result is our overall score.


They did try, but they could only make the shoe flexible. Despite having an overlay that is not very strong and flexible in some places the shoe does not really bend as many modern runners do. Designed with an outsole which allows the bottoms of the shoe to be flexible and bends with the feet of the users, the minimal insole compensates. Its mesh tries, in part, to compensate for the synthetic fabrics’ lack of malleability, but not as much.

Adequate grip

Grip on trails is supercritical and varies across surfaces. The shoe is able to provide sufficient grip on dirt, dirt, rocks, roots, or rock. This caveat is that you must put your feet there so they can fit into the trail and this problem with weight and flex has been very challenging. It seemed to me they had great grip during climbs. It was somewhat tricky to descend but the slippage didn’t bother me.


The rigidity of the Nike Air Max Torch 4 upper certainly gives the shoe traction and stability. This is mostly due to the overlays on the uppers of the boot — these counteract the mesh on the lining of uppers and provide the feeling of maintaining the sides in place and limiting their movement somewhat. A wide heel helps provide extra stability for the foot.


The Air Max Torch 4 might suffer from a lack of support. Arch support was decent, but the midsole was a little too soft for my liking. I felt like I needed to add an aftermarket insole for extra. The heel rises a bit to the heel and gives a little arch support to the heel however overall sleekness does remove some of this. The shoes are quite thin, and therefore do not offer any proper support on the front foot; the shoes feel extremely comfortable but don’t benefit any wearer whatsoever. Great support on the back half of the foot of the Nike Air Max Torch 4 is a decent update to the line.


The Torch 4 is not the lightest Nike running shoe. After evaluating every element in an object, the shoe is fairly lightweight. This is made with mesh and leather with a decent amount of padding and therefore has a reasonable weight. It also adds a lot of weight to shoes and this explains the better fit for shorter runs.


At $70, it is the perfect shoe for beginners and runners on the trails. This makes this a very affordable option for people who are interested in trail running without spending too much.

Who should buy the Nike Air Max Torch 4?

The Torch 4 is a great choice for budget-friendly trail running shoes. It’s perfect for beginners and those who are interested in trail running without spending too much. The Air Max Torch 4 provides adequate grip and stability on trails and is also breathable and flexible. However, the lack of support might be an issue for some.

Final conclusion

The Nike Air Max Torch 4 is a great update to the line. It’s better than other shoes in its category because it’s more breathable and flexible. The Torch 4 is also budget-friendly and provides adequate grip and stability on trails. Durable material and a comfortable fit make the Nike Air Max Torch 4 perfect for beginner and advanced runners alike. If you’re searching for a nice trail running shoe, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 is an excellent option.

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